Tell me how you protect yourself and i will tell you what you are. – me…i guess

Highly passionate about information technology but even more about computer security. I am the one requesting encryption on the chat, the one who brings the ethernet cable to a wi-fight, the one trying 1GB key size instead of 4096 bits. I am not the one who knocks, though. I am an incorrigible joker, cursed to make everyone around me laugh. I am a security researcher which suffers from severe paranoia and OCD (Obsessive Computational Disorder), combined with a highly humorous and spontaneous personality .

Professional bio:

My passion about IT started early (10 when i had my first computer) and  lead me to the course i took: Engineering of Telecommunications and Informatics on Instituto Superior Tecnico (Portugal). Since then, i have been able to improve my programming  (e.g. C++, Java, Python) and theoretical/applied security  (e.g. cryptography, pentesting, forensic analysis) skills. In terms of professional experience,  last year, i worked for the Portuguese CERT for about six months. Besides taking action on incident responses and auditing matters (CERT functions), i was also integrated on a Project to fight Botnets at an European level (ACDC – Advanced Cyber Defence Centre) where the Portuguese CERT was the Portuguese representative.

Currently, i work for FireEye as an Information Security Analyst at Dublin’s SOC where forensics and reverse engineering are part of my day to day tasks.


EVERYTHING!! Networks, cryptography, pentesting, forensics and reverse engineering.

But, do you even relax bro?

Yes, i actually do. I like to read and write. I do calisthenics (a flag a day keeps the stress away), did Tae-Kwon-Do for 5 years (black belt, please step aside) and kick-boxing for a few months.

About the blog

Since this is my first blog, it was difficult to pick a name that encompasses all future posts. I hardly stay on the same subject for too long since i like to study new IT related subjects aside from security (mostly programming).  I envision a place where i share my knowledge, where i post problems i had and solutions i found, as well as tutorials. Most of these will be about security but i may divert sometimes if i find that other people will benefit from my experience and past mistakes. Overall, i expect this blog to grow and to help me grow as an IT researcher and most of all, as a person.

Why security over simplicity?

Because either for good or bad, typically, security and simplicity compromise each other, even though security is (for me) a necessary evil.

You can find me on Linkedin, GitHub and Twitter.


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