Kernel Whisperer: “Databasing” the Kernel

Hello paranoids  You know those new year's resolutions that people make? Going to the gym more often, eating healthy, travel more? Scratch that...  I have decided to kickstart my 2018 by working on a research project. The first phase is a tool that i have named Kernel Whisperer (GitHub). The tool you see is not … Continue reading Kernel Whisperer: “Databasing” the Kernel


Back on track and some word of advice

Hello paranoids You: What the hell happened to you? You see, i typically say i am lazy, even though i am not (too much...don't judge me). I keep doing my stuff, working out and learning as much as i can about security (stopping depresses me, not stopping drains me, decisions decisions). However, i have two … Continue reading Back on track and some word of advice